June 13th 2016 Meeting

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The reconstituted 11th Congressional District Committee had its first meeting last evening June 13th, 2016.
Draft minutes will be published when available, until that time, the following business was conducted, in order:

1. Officers
Officers of the Committee were moved for approval by block vote. Such vote was defeated. (Vote count unconfirmed)

Mallory Rascher was approved as First Vice-Chairman by unanimous vote.
Gretchen Nogle was rejected as Second Vice-Chairman. Vote 5-4 with one abstention.
Mike Rumberg was approved as Treasurer by unanimous vote.
Erika Dyer was approved as Secretary by Unanimous vote.
Kyle McDaniel moved for appointment of David Skiles as Second Vice-Chairman. He was elected by a vote of 6-4.

2. Congressional Candidate
The committee heard from potential candidates Christopher Inglese and Gerald Geddes. The Committee also heard from Al Cobb in opposition to selection of a candidate.
The Committee voted not to select a congressional candidate. This vote was unanimous.

3. Contest filed by Keith Damon
On Saturday June 11, 2016 Keith Damon filed a contest of the third Ballot at the May 14th Convention.
There was a motion to go through an evaluation process of the Contest with a nonbinding ad hoc Committee. This Motion was defeated by a vote of 4-6.
There was a motion to evaluate the Contest further or deny the contest in total. This motion failed by a vote of 8-2 resulting in denial of the Contest in total.

4. Meals Tax Referendum
The Committee adopted a resolution opposing the Fairfax County Meals Tax Referendum. The vote was unanimous.

5. Removal of Second Vice-Chairman
Pursuant to Article IV § A of the By-laws Chairman Prados removed David Skiles as Second Vice-Chairman.

The entire meeting lasted one hour and twenty minutes. Thank you to all the participants and attendees for coming to view and engage in our process.

Chairman, Paul Prados

Post Script

Pursuant to a RPV General Counsel ruling from 2014 the provision in the District Committee’s ByLaws saying that officers serve “at the pleasure of the Chairman,” is in conflict with the RPV Party Plan. As such David Skiles could not be removed by the Chairman at the meeting on June 13, 2016.

Mr. Skiles was and continues to be the Second Vice Chairman of the 11thCDRC.

2ndVC Skiles and Chairman Prados have had a productive dialogue since the meeting, and are already building a long term relationship for the benefit of the 11thCDRC.

Interested parties should feel free to reach out to 2ndVC Skiles or Chairman Prados for more information.