Results of the May 14th Convention

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Thank you to all the Delegates who took the time to sign up, show up, and vote for your party representatives on May 14th.

The results of the Convention were as follows:

Chairman: Paul Prados

State Central Committee:
Kyle McDaniel (1st Ballot)
Fredy Burgos (1st Ballot)
Ryan Rauner (3rd Ballot)

RNC Delegates:
Juanita Balenger
Ryan Thomas
Bill Petrak

Alternate RNC Delegates:
Jim Hyland
Victoria Hull
Mary Pauline Jones

Al Cobb

Congressional Candidate:
The Convention body chose not to have the Congressional Candidate who filed.

Six Resolutions were presented:
1. Supporting Right to work – Passed
2. Religious Freedom – Passed
3. Supporting Party Registration – Failed
4. Supporting Convention of States – Passed
5. Honoring Patsy Drain and David Ray – Passed
6. Opposing Fairfax County Meals tax – Passed

Thank you to all the volunteers, candidates and Delegates who made this happen.

I look forward to working with you to help elect Republicans in Northern Virginia.

Paul Prados, Chairman