11th Congressional District Convention Canceled

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Dear Republicans of the 11th Congressional District:

Our Convention was called for the primary stated purpose of electing a Chairman for the next two years.  On February 13, 2017 the deadline for filing for the position of Chairman came and passed.  The previous Chairman, Paul Prados was the only person to file for the office.

Pursuant to the Call for the 2018 convention as only one candidate has filed for Chairman (and qualifies under the Party Plan) he is deemed elected and the 2018 Convention is hereby canceled.

As previously indicated the method of nomination for our Congressional candidate shall be by Primary.  The Department of Elections has already been properly notified and a public notice about where to file necessary paperwork is forthcoming.

Thank you to all 11th District Republicans and we encourage you to get involved in your unit Committees as they engage in similar processes over the course of the spring.


Paul A. Prados Chairman