Committee Members

  11th District Committee Members
Name Position Voting Email Address
Paul A. Prados Chairman1 Yes
Richard McCarty State Central2 Yes
Erin Porch State Central2 Yes
Ryan Rauner State Central2 Yes
Phil Bell Fairfax County Chairman Yes
John Martin Prince William County Representative3 Yes
Rebecca Stoeckel Fairfax City Chairman Yes
Jo Watts VFRW Representative Yes
Stephen Spiker YR Representative Yes
Eric Nielsen CR Representative Yes
Mallory Rascher 1st Vice Chairman No
Michael Rumberg Treasurer No
Stacy Whitehouse Secretary No
Bryan Parker Counsel No
Jim Parmelee Parliamentarian  No

1. Elected to 2-year term at biennial 11th District Convention

2. Elected to 4-year terms at Presidential year 11th District Convention

3. Tim Hannigan, Fairfax County Chairman

4. Bill Card, Prince William County Chairman –